Backyard Concert

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Santa Rosa, Cal.

-Location: 4284 Deer Trail Rd., Santa Rosa. There will be a sign that says "Private Road" but don't be swayed, you're in the right place (but do be respectful). Parking will be directed as you arrive -Donation of $20 requested; all proceeds going to the musicians. Payment via PayPal: fiddlenharp@gmail.com; check made payable to Cornelia van Aken; or cash at the "door." -Please carpool if possible. -Reservations are advised: contact Cornelia at fiddlenharp@gmail.com or 408-981-9829 for more information and to reserve seats. Book early to avoid disappointment. -If you'd like, bring a snack or beverage to share. -Concert is outdoors. You might want to bring a hat, sunscreen, and a jacket depending on the weather.